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Commissioned for
National Theater Mannheim in 2017.

Stage & Costume design: Frank Fannar Pedersen

Light design: Frank Fannar Pedersen

Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson & Sigur Rós.

In his piece "var", Pedersen is dedicated to the topic of temporality. 

"Var" is an Icelandic word and means "was". 

What was is part of our path which makes us unique and differentiates us from others. We don´t really know what it means to be in someone else's shoes. 

Nevertheless, we have something in common with our fellow human beings, namely the Here and Now. 

We share the present until it becomes the past.  

"Var" explores this sharing of the Now, the realisation that with all individuality must come a sense of awareness for one another. Only with social responsibility, cohesion and the collective experience can we go further. 

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